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We had requirement of converting complex ABAP Report to Web Dynpro ABAP Report as more dynamic UI creation was part of new requirement. The report had modularized code, it had standard selection screen, ALV output, adobe form option. To convert this ABAP report to Web Dynpro ABAP report involved majorly following activities:

a) Web Dynpro context created with structures as reference. Context creation is major work in this activity as types declaration cannot be used in Web Dynpro component. We have to create structures for all the types declaration.

b) Data sharing across functions has to be thought through as we have multiple options - Global attributes, context node, parameter passing to functions

c) Creating Web Dynpro UI for the selection screen and ALV output. Here context need to be used. Multiple standard components have to be used - ALV, Range selection etc...

d) Code has to be copied into component controller, custom controller depending on the logic written

d) Reusing Adobe Forms objects is possible.

e) Code to output ALV format will change as the ALV Web Dynpro component will be used in new development

Major challenges faced:

a) Calculations in custom controller were behaving weired - Simple packed number calculations was giving decimal conversion issue. For example 2*3 was showing .006

b) ALV formatting

c) Referencing objects in ABAP to Web Dynpro framework objects referencing

d) Code copying has to be done with modification to copy the content to context


a) Code modularization

b) Data sharing across functions

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