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What is it?

Over the past years the one ven diagram everybody agrees on and accepts as “yeah, this makes sense” is the graphic below. At the center of the balance between human desirability (what people need); technical feasibility (what’s technically possible, even it may not exist at the starting time of a project) and business viability (what is a sustainable business model) is a holistic and innovative solution to the wicked problem or challenge that is to be solved.

The human desirability is where we seek the inspiration to begin with. One can twist and turn it however they want but still “necessity is the mother of invention”; behind every innovation lies a human need that is being addressed with the innovation. It may not be obvious and people may have not asked for it.

What’s the excitement about?

In simple words: it is a way of working. It is providing a framework to explore different perspectives of the challenge at hand, exploring the perspective of the desirability, feasibility and viability. A team sport, allowing multiple skills, disciplines and talents to thrive, taking a holistic approach. 

Creating new knowledge collaboratively vs. relying on an individual point of reference which most likely is not enough to understand a problem and build a solution.  People love working this way vs. feeling they are working at an assembly line and requirements have been thrown over the fence to them. It provides purpose and it is inclusive. Our customers love being engaged and included in the process of getting a solution to their needs.

Why this community in SCN and what is the affinity to User Experience?

I like to quote a dear colleague of mine who likes to say “at SAP we are in the business of business”.  There are skills which are needed to truly understand the human needs, the desirability, our customers, our end users. Matching those with the technologies available and the ones yet to come will allow us to scale to provide better a better experience and continuously supports our customers run their business. 

The community is a place to share those skills, and the tools and techniques that support. As well as share, explore and create best practices.  

So what?

Constrains foster creativity is one technique that helps us to get creative. Did you notice? While this blog is about an approach to innovation, I purposely created a constrain and did not mention the term what we call this approach. I am looking forward to learning and exploring more techniques and tools that support a mindset to create something new. 

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