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Many a times we come across a situation in which we need to alter the contents of an internal table to reach out to a desired outcome. I also fell into the same situation while creating a POC (Proof of Concept).

Hi, I am Shivani Dalmia, an Associate Developer working in IBSO Oil & Gas industry. Currently I was working on a POC for SCI reporting tool automation. For a particular use case, I needed the internal table to be empty. Doing that manually was a cumbersome process as it has over 1000+ number of records. After some research on internet, I stumbled upon the following outcome : " Use ABAP New Debugger Tools".

The new ABAP debugger tools has many amazing functionalities and one of them is to play with the contents of internal table at the time of debugging.

To delete the contents of internal table while debugging, I followed the following steps:


1. Load the target internal table into Variable section



Here LT_WORK is the target internal table for which I need to delete the entries.


2. Double click on the target internal table to see the table contents



3. Click on "Services of Tool" icon positioned at the middle right of debugging screen



4. Select 'Delete Whole Table/Row Area' and press the tick icon



5. Select the Range for which the deletion needs to be done (Leave default in order to delete the whole table/row area)



6. After pressing the tick icon, targeted internal table will be left with zero(0) records ( success message at bottom left corner of debugging screen )




This way, I solved my problem of deleting the records of internal table at the time of debugging. This was a small tip but at times comes out be very helpful. Do tell in the comment section below if you find it helpful in any scenario.


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