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Delete/Release that lock entry and start working on that object immediately



Go to T-Code SM12. Provide the user id of the person who has locked the program and hit list.


You will get the list of all locks under his id.


Identify and select your program which you want to release/unlock. Hit the Delete icon.

Check you get the message, ‘You are not authorized to delete foreign lock entries‘.

Select the line you want to unlock. Type ‘/h’ at the command entry section. Hit enter. You will get ‘debugging switched on‘ message. Hit the Delete icon.

You are in the debugger mode now.

Type sy-uname. You would find your user id by default.

Now, we just need to fool the system. In the sy-uname variable, replace your user id with the userid of the person who has locked this object.

You are done. You will get a pop up confirmation message. Just hit Yes.  The lock entry is gone.

just replacing the sy-uname is the simplest way  if you want to delete foreign locks.



Disclaimer: This page is not to encourage you to delete others locks. Please use it ethically and responsibly.
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