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Hi all,

In we use

a deep structure for printing lets see how we can use it interactivly in a report .

Program Y_R_EITAN_TEST_08_05:

In this program we have on screen four cl_salv_table grids . Each grid display a different level in our data model
(The creation of the model was covered in )

We can drill down from level to level.

In the program there is no table access it is only displaing the data model.

The program is using the "Observer pattern" in order to comunicate between the different grids .
Although this is not the main subject of this blog entry I thought it is worth while mentioning .

The source of the screen and the program are included.

The gui status looks like this:

The BACK , EXIT and CANCEL are Type 'E' functions .

This conclude our dive, its time to surface....

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