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If IDOC should be generated during message output processing when a document has been created for the first time, but it's been skipped completely by a customized routine of the output control maintained at VOFM. The manually created output will trigger the IDOC generation for sure, meanwhile, the routine logic has been skipped for the manual output as well. Then how do debug why the routine has been skipped exactly?

For the below example, there's no specific IDOC message output ZESS existed after the sales order was created. Click output determinate analysis will find out it's been ignored as not fulfilling customized requirement routine.

There're many posts discussed for debugging Debugging Outbound IDoc Output like below:

But those approaches don't work at least for this example (RSNAST00 and dispatch '1'), the routine will be skipped completely, no breakpoint triggered~ After many tries, I just realize that it'll trigger at change mode (VA02) directly when going to menu Extras->Output->Header->Edit!~ No need to create new output physically, just go to this screen will trigger the break-point at VOFM routine.

No need to set output dispatch option with 'Send with periodically scheduled job program; no need run RSNAST00 or active update debugging, just edit mode will do!~ Hope I'm not the last dinosaur who doesn't know about this 😄