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Creation of the Blog post  :

I want to share you some points regarding Creation of Custom Collective Search help :

Actual Requirement :

My requirement is to develop a Custom Module pool screen where I need to attach Collective Search help for a field in a Table Control, where the user may select Material/Asset from the F4 option(where Material and Asset have no relation ship maintained).

Procedure :

1) Initially I have tried to create two elementary search helps for Material & Asset .


    You can look into the below URL to create Elementary Search help.

2) I have attached these Elementary Search helps for a Collective Search help.

Here I want to share you some useful points which may help us

DEFINITION & INCLUDE SEARCH HELPS plays a vital role in Creation of Collective Search help.

DEFINITION (Steps to follow in Definition Tab) ::::

I need to get both the material/asset on a single field where the data elements of material & asset are different.

->  Then Declare a Standard or Custom data type which can hold the different data elements.

For Example : Material has Data type CHAR & Size 18

                                  Asset         has Data type CHAR & Size 10.

So I have taken a Standard data element /BCV/SIN_CHAR018 which can hold both the data elements .

->Give a TEXT in Search help parameter

->Tick Importing & Exporting

->Provide the relevant data element


INCLUDE SEARCH HELPS (Steps to follow in Include Search help Tab) ::::

-> Provide our Elementary Search helps as shown in below screen

Select single Search help and click on Param.assignment as shown above.

Then you will get these below screen shots.

And Click on OK and SAVE & ACTIVATE.

Finally activate all the Inactive objects and EXECUTE.

By this you can achieve the Collective Search help for different data elements where there are no relation ship between the two .

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