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[Yesterday, I wrote a comment to the blog , but I figured, it's probabaly worth it's own blog by itselfe.

That way, I can ilustrate what I learn and maybe let other benefit from it as well. ]

In the past years, I have used SHDB (that’s the “Recording”-button in SM35) to reduce my efforts in creating test data. I think I created some nice scripts and saved myself a lot of time in comparison to manual creation.

Today, I want to try if eCatt fits my needs even more.


What I imagine doing is something like this:

– Have scripts for master date (Materials, Vendor, Customer, maybe prices …)

– Have scripts for transactional data (purchase order, inbound delivery, sales order, outbound delivery …)

– being able to connect the scripts to each other so I can build more complete scenarios (without using duplicate code/recordings)

– being able to easily transfer those scripts between systems, so I can start creating “my” data with the push of a button on a new (dev-)system.

- Beeing able to use my SHDB-Scripts in eCatt (

I'll try to update this blog or write follow-ups, once I have new findings.

[Edit: A good Step-by-Step guide seems to be .
The main problem I currently have (and allready had yesterday) is: I can start a recording, and it will open a new session all right, but it will not "write back" anything to my testscript! There is also no PopUp where I could chosse "stop recording". I'll probably write a Question about that.


Q: How did I find the right Primary Tag for this eCatt-Blog?
A: Transaction SECATT in my system gives me a link to eCATT Space @ SCN . This is redirected to alltough eCatt seems not to be mentioned there at all. Also, there is no primary tag for eCatt, but I used a user tag to make my content findable.