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I recently wrote about how I'm trying to use eCatt to somehow automate my test, and that my biggest struggel is that recording does not work for me:

The tutorials tell me to go to TC SECATT, edit my script, hit the "Pattern" button choose UI and SAPGUI rec to create a recording:

Using SapGui 7.40 an my local PC, this is what happens: a new session opens, executing the transaction I wanted - however, nothing is written back to my test script at all. There is also no PopUp wher I could click "stopp recording".

After some failed attemps, I tried the same on a SapGui 7.30, running on Citrix, and wow: suddenly everything works as expected/described by the docs:

-> so that way, I can create my scripts.

I guess something is wrong with my local installtaion (it's  a "740 Final Release, 7400.1.4.3325 ").

It might have to do something with scripting:

When I execute the script (created on 7.30 Citrix) in my local 7.40 SapGui I get an error about scripting not beeing installe or allowed - however, SapGui says it is:

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