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I presented here a wrapper class for the Quick PDF Library Lite from Debenu. You can download here a wrapper class for the actual Quick PDF Library with wrapper methods for all functionalities of the library. You can download an evaluation version of the library here - it is without any restrictions, but for 30 days. So it is absolut easy to create any kind of PDF document.

Here an example:
Program zTest.

Data PDF Type Ref To zDebenuPDFLibraryAX1115.
Data LibraryVersion Type String.
Data LicenseInfo Type String.
Data OutText Type String.
Data rc Type Integer.

OutText = 'Hello World from ABAP'.
OutText = OutText && cl_abap_char_utilities=>cr_lf.
OutText = OutText && 'Hello World from ABAP again'.

Create Object PDF.
If PDF->LoadLib( ) = 1.

PDF->LibraryVersionEx( Importing Result = LibraryVersion ).
Write: / `Library version: `, LibraryVersion.

PDF->LicenseInfo( Importing Result = LicenseInfo ).
Write: / `Valid license key: `, LicenseInfo.

Exporting MeasurementUnits = 1 ). "Millimetres
PDF->SetPageSize( Exporting PaperName = 'A4' ).
PDF->SetOrigin( Exporting Origin = 1 ). "Top Left

PDF->AddStandardFont( Exporting StandardFontID = 0 ). "Courier
PDF->SetTextSize( Exporting TextSize = 15 ).
PDF->SetTextColor( Exporting Red = '0.9' Green = '0.2' Blue = '0.5' ).

Exporting Left = 50 Top = 50 Width = 100 Height = 25
Text = OutText Options = 1 ). "Vertical alignment top

PDF->SetInformation( Exporting Key = 1 "Set author
NewValue = 'Stefan Schnell' ).
PDF->SetInformation( Exporting Key = 2 "Set title
NewValue = 'ABAP Test' ).

Exporting FileName = 'C:\Dummy\Test.pdf'
Importing Result = rc ).
If rc = 0.
Message 'The PDF file could not be created' Type 'I'.

PDF->FreeLib( ).


The example is the same as for PDF Quick Library Lite, with a few additions. The reason is that PDF Quick Library Lite is a subset of PDF Quick Library, with the exception that you must specify a license key.
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