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The EAN128 label is used for identifying a handling unit. It describes the type and contents of a handling unit, and provides this information both in text form and as a bar code. This information:

Ø  Uniquely identifies the handling unit

Ø  Describes the contents of the handling unit

In the supply chain, the EAN128 label is of central importance for logistics. The vendor sends a shipping notification via EDI to the customer. In particular, information on the handling units is transmitted here. If the handling units are marked with an EAN128 label, the customer can check the respective materials in goods receipt and perform this check more efficiently by using scanners. The EAN128 label thus serves as identification until the handling unit is repacked in the warehouse or used in production. The identification may even retain its validity until the handling unit leaves the warehouse again as an entire unit.

In contrast to the material label in the car industry, the contents and appearance of the EAN128 label is not standardized. The international standardization organizations have only defined, as yet, a framework proposal that gives each label manufacturer a relative degree of choice in label definition. The only convention that all organizations adhere to is the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) that is used for unique identification of a handling unit.

In most countries, there is a separate subsidiary organization of EAN International that is responsible for defining the standard. In the US, this organization is called the Uniform Code Council (UCC), and in Germany it is the Central Office for Co-organization (CCG).

This document is made to create EAN 128 barcode step by step.

Goto SE73 -> Select System Bar Codes and click

Click on the create button

Now select the New  button from the Pop Up

Enter the Barcode name and Description.

Next Select Barcode Symbology as Code 128

Next choose alignment as Normal

In the following Popup enter the values as per the requirement. Narrow Module Width determines the Width of the Barcode Linear Height determines the Height of the Barcode.

Code128 Mode should be ‘N’.

Next save the Barcode

Now we have the Barcode ready to be used in the Smartform.

However the Barcode is still in the Code 128 format. We can convert it into EAN 128 format by concatenating a Start Character followed by the FNC1 code before the actual data which needs to be converted into the barcode.

Below is the list of Start Characters:

Start Characters:
> 9                 Start Code A (Numeric Pairs giveAlpha/Numerics)
> :                  Start Code B (Normal Alpha/Numeric)
> ;                  Start Code C (All Numeric 00-99)
FNC1 code:            > 8

You can take reference for the various codes from:

For example if we need to convert the order number into a barcode. Since the order number is All Numeric, we use ‘>;’ as the Start character followed by ‘>8’ which is the FNC1 code.

DATA: lf_barcode type char16.  (Char16 is taken because AUFNR is 12 char plus 2 char Start Character and 2 char FNC1 code)

CONCATENATE ‘> ;> 8’ lf_aufnr INTO lf_barcode.

Now for displaying the barcode we will use the variable lf_barcode.