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This document explain how to convert a local class in program to a Global class in SE24.

Convert local class to Global:

  • Go to transaction SE24, select menu Object type and option Import (Local class in program):

  • Fill the program name were local class is implemented, define the Global class name, select the line and click button to import:

  • At the end edit your class and activate it:

  • After success activation the class can be used globally.

Please consider before converting:

  • Is not possible to have a 100% conversion because some objects inside the local class can't be automatically converted and manual steps are required:
    • It is important to define correctly the scope of global variables and methods parameters to avoid problem when converting;
    • If you are using ABAP command MESSAGE without message class you should declared it in class proprieties or in each line of code where is used:

    • Existent Text Symbols are not converted to the global class, they should be moved manually or using this command syntax that when clicking will automatically trigger the creation:


Convert from Global to local class

  • This functionality is not available but it can be done with the following steps:
    • Go to SE24, edit the class and click Toolbar button ;
    • Select all code and copy/past to a new or existent report, activate it and remove all illegal command and syntax in local classes.

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