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More details

The tables :

If you go in the table you have specify in the transaction OAC3. You will find a new line.

I don't know the ObjectType or the DocumentType

Use a trace: Transaction ST05

You will find some select with the good key.

Trans. OAC2 --> Table TOASP

Trans. OAC3 --> Table TOAOM

I don't have an HTTP Content Server but I would like to archive doc

It's possible.

You have to create your Content Repository with a different parameter :

(there is not the part of the CS Admin, because you didn't work with Content Server)

Now create the table : Trans. SE11, copy the SDOKCONT1 table (activate it)

Now in OAC3, I will set the Content Repository to Z2.

I go back in VA02 to repeat output, and when you will ask to display original :

You can see in the URL the parameter : contRep=Z2

The table TOA01 now contains an entry for Z2 :

And the table created for the Content Repository Z2 have the entries :

I want to save all the printed Sales Order

At the beginning of the doc. I speak about the transaction VV12. You could configure to generate message with the option Print & Archive.

You can't for the value if your users would like to remove-it. But you could force it in the ABAP of the driver program of the Form.

My user don't want to open the document in the internet browser

Change your user or go in the transaction OAM1 :

You could choose between Internet browser or WebGUI (Dynpro including internet browser)

If you choose "Use HTML Control" you will have this kind of window :

Nothing append, is there a log somewhere

Yes, you could check your SM58.

For example, if your HTTP Content Server is down for a time. Go in SM58, you will see all the Archive document waiting for the Content Server. You could relaunch the request to create the data. That means, you don't need to have the HTTP Content Server up all the time.

Displaying the document in the GOS

First the GOS is this icon you could see in some transaction :

(The menu could change depending of your SAP release)

We are in a special case with the transaction VA02 (VA01, VA03), we only need to use parameter ID (SU3) "SD_SWU_ACTIVE". You have to set the value "X"

After that, when you call the VA02 the button will appear.

If you select the line "Attachment list", SAP will list all the document link to the object corresponding to your Sales order.

If you want to add this button in other transaction, you need to modify the object corresponding in the SWO1 transaction.

I would like to write a doc about that, but there is already one : Activating Generic Object Services Toolbar in SAP Objects  writes by akapgate

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