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It is now possible to extract model information from a SAP system to analyze it using Moose in a Pharo virtual machine.


Pharo is a kind of Smalltalk and heavily used by specialists who develop techniques for code visualization especially for refactoring. The SAP model data is extracted using FAMIX, this allows a more detailed analysis as would be possible using UML. This is now possible due to a new open source extractor.


Currently extracted are for instance:
- Accesses to attributes of class

- Invocations of class methods

- Accesses to database tables


It is planned to add other objects like reports, functions, DSO and InfoCubes of SAP BW ...


Examples for diagrams are: features 18 December 2016.png

This diagrams are not just images but it is possible to move the parts around, to see the names using mouse over or to explore it in detail by clicking on it.


You find details in this blog in "Custom Code Management":


The coding to extract and other informations are available on the github project page:

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