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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi community,
with the ADT version 2.68 we integrated some small helper functions in the editor when editing ABAP Doc. One of the benefits of ABAP doc compared to standard comment lines is that you can insert markups for formatting your documentation.

As a small reminder here is the list of available formatting options:

Line break <br/> or <br></br>
Paragraph <p>…</p>
Emphasized text <em>…</em>
Strong emphasized text <strong>…</strong>
Unsorted lists <ul><li>…</li></ul>
Sorted lists <ol><li>…</li></ol>
Headers <h1>…</h1>

For newbies to ABAP Doc these options are not so easy to keep in mind.
Therefore we have now code completion for you in the ABAP Doc section by pressing CTRL-SPACE:

Another cool feature is the quick fix (shortcut CTRL-1) to change the formatting of an existing comment:

You want to try this feature out?
No problem, there is no backend restriction in that case.