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Dear community, some time ago I saw a competition on StackExchange. It was about developing a scalable Christmas tree. Everyone was allowed to use the programming language he wanted. The competition is already 5 years old, but I like the results and the basic idea. So here's a Christmas tree in ABAP (source code on GitHub via abapGit). Hope you like plain ASCII art 🙂

By the way if there is some time left during christmas time, here are a few suggestions.

Visit TechnologyRadar from ThoughtWorks. A lot of interesting things to read about and a good source for further research (e.g. Chaos Katas).

To start a little discussion, have a look at TIOBE IndexCOBOL and Fortran are ahead of ABAP? That reminds me of the story of the COBOL COWBOYS 😉

For those with a heart for computer games, check the Demo of Forge. It's a sequel to Loom and made by a fan project. I think the magic within the game fits a little bit to the Christmas time.

And if it should be something with ABAP, then maybe take a look at the open source projects available with abapGit.


I wish you a nice Christmas time