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Dear SAP Community, as Christmas and New Year are coming soon, it's time for some good wishes and to say thank you for a lot of interestings blogs, information, discussions and more.

Last year I did a little bit of ASCII art, this year it's the "classic" Christmas greeting card.

If you are looking for something computer-related to do between Christmas and New Year, you can take a look at the suggestions from my 2018 Christmas blog. Here are a few new suggestions.

  1. Take a look at the Clean ABAP style guide. This freely available document was one of the highlights of 2019 for me. If you really only want to get a brief impression, you should use the cheat sheet variant.

  2. Maybe someone is interested to start with ABAP in SAP Cloud Platform? I would definitely like to check it as soon as possible. I had bookmarked this blog to start with.

  3. Do you like, too? A course about SAP Model Company will start in January 2020. There are also many courses open for self-study. Maybe SAP TechEd 2019 Recap is also interesting?

  4. Here are three recommendations for those who like computer games:

    • CRPG - A book about the history of computer role-playing games. The book can be downloaded free of charge as PDF file.

    • The art of point and click adventures - In addition to photos of popular computer adventures, the book also includes interviews with the developers.

    • Play the mini-adventure "The Librarian".


Have a good time and thanks for reading