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F-58 transaction is used for Cheque payment. But the standard print has the A4 layout of payment advice, Which consists of payment advice at the top and cheque at the bottom in the same sheet.

But in India the cheque is available as cheque leaf and not in A4 layout. The SAP script is configured for each company code for its cheque payment method in FBZP transaction.

1. Copy the SAP script assigned to the company code's cheque payment method

2. Copy that SAP script to a custom one.

3. Don't delete any windows or elements inside the windows.

4. Delete all the contents in the windows and if you find any elements in a window, delete its contents and add a comment line under that element.

5. After emptying the contents of all windows and elements, only the comment line under the elements should be present.

6. Use 4 windows except main window for 4 values as follows.

          a) Date

          b) Payee Name

          c) Amount in words

          d) Amount in Digits

7. You can fetch these values from REGUH and REGUD structure from the standard program

8. The Amount in words used the standard program calculates the values in universal currency format ( Millions, Billions, etc )

9. For Indian banks, the amount in words should be calculated in Indian Currency Format ( Lakhs, Crore, etc ). So pass the value of amount in digits from the standard structure into a Subroutine and calculate the amount in words in Indian currency format and pass the value back to the Script from the subroutine.

10. Use the WEARS field in the Sap Script and make it as dummy field by commenting it.

11. Otherwise you will get dump when you are using foreign currencies

Feel free to ask me your queries.


Vijay Kannan