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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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This is a service blog for all the SCN users that are on LinkedIn (which I guess is quite a significant number): TheNextWeb reports that 6.5 million password hashes have been leaked on a russian web site.

This means that people will be able to brute force your password, and maybe get at your LinkedIn account.

I hope you're not using the same password on any other accounts - if you are, you might want to change those as well. The first thing a hacker will do is try to use a successful password for one site on many other popular sites, think Facebook or If they match, this could mean more serious damage.

If you're like me, the reason that you may re-use a password on the web is that it's hard to remember different passwords. I suggest you look into a password manager that hooks into your browser, like Not only will they store all your complex passwords for different sites, they also have a tool that will create passwords like "b%9Vd&RhByxRqJ@s" for each site.

Whatever you use: Change that LinkedIn password NOW!