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  The Main objective of this paper is to

  • Brief the procedure of changing field labels of Standard Transactions of SAP.

For example on screen of shipping Information (Transation:VT02N) we have many fields for additional data which we can use to store specific information (Like Vehicle details or driver details).Here our objective will be to change the field label to help the end users recognize and enter only specific information.

We will change the following field labels.

The field Addit text 1 should be renamed to Driver ID.

The field Addit text 2 should be renamed to Driver name.

The field Addit text 3 should be renamed to License plate.

Procedure to change the field labels:

The method we will use to change the field label can be used on any standard transaction fields.

The process will be as follows:

1) First get the data element of the field of which field label is to be changed. For that use F1 on the field and go to technical details.

2) To change the field labels use transaction CMOD->Go to->Text Enhancements-> Keyword->Change.

3) Enter the Data Element of the field you want to change the text of.

4) Change the field label of the data element.

5)Execute the transaction the field label should be changed by now.

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