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Hello everybody!


The purpose of this blog post is, in a simple way, to show how to resolve the error from metadata cache of an OData published in OData Provisioning.

Somes times we need to expose data from Sap to be consumed for another applications. A simple way to do this is to expose Odata via Odata Provisionig service in HCP.

This blog post is not about the Odata Provisioning configuration. For it, please go to this blog post:

We have some caches to improve the performance of Odata services. Basically we have cahe on the Gateway System side and HCP side.



When an odata service published in OData Provisioning is updated in Sap Gateway System, we sometimes come across the error message related to the cache:

The metadata cache on the hub system for the current model is out of date


Error Message

This means the cache of metadata stored on HCP side is older then the stored on the Gateway System side.

When we search on the web about this error, almost all useful links points to Clear Metadata cache in Sap Gateway System. When in fact the error must be resolved in SCP side. Like the links below:


How to fix this:

Its simple. The metadata cache must be clear on ODP Administration tool.

1. Access OData Provisioning(ODP) Service in HANA Cloud Platform(HCP):

    1.1 On the left menu panel, click in Services:

    1.2  Find the ODP Service and click:


    1.3 Click in Go to Service:


2. Access the Metadata menu on the left panel:

    2.1 Here is the trick. The left menu header has the item Metadata hidden:

    2.2 Access Metadata:


3. Clearing the metadata cache:

    3.1 Here we see the cache configurations and the cache of all published services:.


3.2 Now, just select the published service and click in "Clear". Or click in "Clear All" to clear  metadata cache of all published services.



Simple! Now, we can call the OData service again without problem.





João Mariano
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