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The BOPF SCN space contains a lot of of discussions, useful blog posts and tutorials about the BOPF. This BOPF SCN Sitemap provides an overview so that you quickly find what you're searching or just for browsing the information. If you miss a ressource, please send me a message to keep this page up to date.

1. BOPF Design Time Tutorials
If you have not created your first BOPF Business Object, it is time to create one. BOPF Business Objects are created by the SAPGUI transaction "BOBX" or the new Eclipse design time tool. In addition, we provide the "BOB" transaction for easily extend existing Objects or create new customer objects. Finally, the Test UI allows to test existing BOPF Objects by the help of a generic user interface.

2. BOPF Overview Documents

Those documents provide you a high level overview about BOPF and its features.

3. Consumption of BOPF Objects at Runtime

4. BOPF Object Implementation

5. Development Aspects

6. Other Topics
Here is information about some specific issues, that might help you.

7. BOPF Training

You need more Information? Ask the community or take part at our BOPF trainings.

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