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I have a hard time easily finding blogs about the ABAP Development tools. 😞


A reason I identify for that is, that while back in SCN there was a Sub-Space in Development for AdT, now we do not have a dedicated Tag for it.


So (I guess) most Blogs end up on tag ABAP Development, where they get lost among all the others.

Others have more exotic (to me) Tags like SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP.


User Tags (AdT, Eclipse, Abap in Eclispe) don't really help, as everyone uses another set of them (if any).


This Blog serves the following purposes:

  1. Collecting (linking) some recent AdT Blogs.

  2. Starting a discussion if a new, dedicated Tag for AdT would make sense.

  3. Maybe discussion if we (Blog authors blogging about AdT) can agree on a User-Tag; (If we do, I’d volunteer for re-tagging the blogs I come across. )

  4. Having a link-target for Idea-Place (that's where I would ask for the new tag).




Some examples or recent Blogs on AdT are:




Primary Tag:

ABAP Development


Edit: missed one:


Primary Tag:

SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP


Edit 2017-04-12: Another one I missed:


What's your take on tagging AdT-Blogs?




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