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Whenever a sprint starts there will be a planning/grooming meeting and this meeting is the most important meeting of a Development sprint for Developers. You must not miss this at any cost. Now coming to the question - Once the sprint planning/grooming meeting is over, the goal is that every developer should understand what we need to develop in the current sprint. In case of any doubts, you must clarify with the Product Owner or Architect. After proper understanding of work to be done, we need to create sub-tasks to each backlog which was explained in the planning/grooming meeting. While creating tasks we need to break them in such a way that each task should look like a logical subblock of development. Our Development lifecycle looks like this

Design -> Coding -> Unit Testing -> Writing Unit Automation -> Code Review -> Issues/errors resolution -> Documenting -> Release to Quality system.


Our task should also represent this lifecycle, but make sure to name them properly. Example - Coding task should not be named as Coding, it should be relevant to what thing we are working on. Let's say I am building CDS Views for creating Production Allocation Results. My tasks should look like - Interface CDS Views Development - Prodn. Allocation Results, another task should be Authorization for Interface CDS Views, so on. Tasks should be named properly so that you at any given point of time understand them better and explain it to others. Also, use the Comments section in JIRA tasks to communicate with each other and also keep on adding whatever you have developed at the end of the day. Make sure that work like if you need to take leave urgently then work should not be stopped, another developer can understand from tasks and start from there.


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