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(First want to thank bfeeb8ed7fa64a7d95efc21f74a8c135 help me start using those tools and thanks the authors of AbapGit to provide this great tool.)

Recently I try to install the excel tool ABAP2XLSX by using ABAPGIT ( copy&created program: ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE ) at the development system, I create one offline Git project then import by downloaded ZIP file for testing purpose first.

ABAP2XLSX is indeed a great tool to deal with Excel and those convenience features are very attractive. So I want to uninstall it to get a fresh start and move all related objects from the current un-transportable TR to one new request which can move to the quality system.

I went to the project details screen and thought it’ll uninstall this excel tool but the program begins to remove objects at the package where the tool installed, and I terminated the execution. But still, some objects been removed from the package at the development system.

  • It will now delete all objects in the package specified when installing the repository!

I couldn't use &tmp package for movement and the transportable package couldn't contain objects related to this new tool only. It's my fault that I should double-check before click the uninstall button at ABAPGIT which already mentioned. But not striking enough, that's why I mark here again as BOLD&RED!

  • It will now delete all objects in the package specified when installing the repository!

Fortunately, it's a development system and I terminate the program execution to prevent it delete the whole package. I made the mistake and pay the price~ using several hours to re-create those deleted objects back. Don't know if any better restore method from BASIS perspective, like copy objects from Q to D or restore specific objects from a backup. But it definitely costs a lot of effort.

So be cautious at abapGit that: Install is Install, but uninstall is not uninstall you installed! it's the pure deletion of all the objects under the package where you installed!

One lesson I learned: Don't take things for granted! uninstall at abapGit is not like uninstall one APP on a mobile phone or uninstall a Game on a PC.


-----Added at 2020/12/07-----

The package I used is a giant package for store all kinds of various ABAP objects include customized programs, screens, tables, etc. One example of deleted objects is the view maintenance overview screen like below:

It leads to missing at SE11 table maintenance screen. (It's blank at this screen for screen fields like auth. group and function group.)

After recreated and get back the table maintenance, no logs show that my ID is the last changer. The function group and Table' author/ last changed by still the same as before, and all the includes as well. Only the last changed date is my restore timestamp for this screen and version management shows no trace.

Don't know it's good or bad. But anyway, it's been restored and tested which works as before, and no impacts for other systems...
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