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There has been requirement for uploading financial data(GL, Customer, Vendor) into SAP system during the initial phase in the system/implementation. In the BDC it is required to handle different set of screens for posting FI document depending upon the posting key read using the flat file.

Following BDC can be used to upload data into SAP using a flat file(excel format of which can be found below, just save the excel file as flat file and remove the header line).

Currently the program reads flat file, making the assumption that the data is entered in double entry format(Dr and Cr) in the consecutive line. It posts two consecutive line items per document, which is normally the case during initial data upload. The program can be modified as per requirement (like, there was requirement to post a single document instead of one FI document per two line items read from file, in this case you just have to comment certain section like header looping and exit statements to make the thing work).

Technical Details:

Posting Keys used:

01 Customer invoice

05 Outgoing payment

09 SPL G\L Debit

11 Customer credit memo

15 Incoming payment

19 SPL G\L Credit

21 Vendor credit memo

25 Vendor payment

29 Special G/L Debit

31 Vendor invoice

35 Incoming payment

39 Special G/L Credit

40 G/L account debit posting

50 G/L account credit posting

70 Debit Asset

75 Credit Asset

Screens used for line items: 0300, 0301, 0302, 0303, 0304, 0305, 0332.

BDC File Structure:

Document DatePosting dateDoc TypeCo CodeCurrencyExchange rateReference Document NumberDocument Header TextPosting KeyAccountSPl GL IndicatorAsset Transaction TypeAmountcost centreP CentreBusiness AreaTransaction TypeTerms of Payment KeyBaseline Date for Due Date CalculationBaseline Date for Due Date CalculationAssignmentText

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