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New application to solve problems for ABAP transactions and reports:

This is a completely new approach to problem solving based on the process trace. I include an explanation on how it works as well as a video clip.

The application is now in "pilot phase" please follow instructions in SAP note 1564850 in case you are interested in having it to assess the effectiveness of the same. It's free!.

This application searches for SAP correction notes for a specific problem based on the issue replication in your system. Additionally you will get a list with the customer code involved.

When a problem occurs and you suspect it's an error for which a SAP Note correction could exist, go to the new SEARCH_TOOL transaction and reproduce the problem by specifying the transaction or program involved:

Note Search

E.g. for transaction OASV:

Then start the tool:  or F8:

Then replicate the issue

After pressing "Enter" you get the following error at the bottom of the screen:

Now go back (F3)

The control is transferred again to the Note Search Tool. A list of the application components involved in the execution will be displayed:

Select the component or components you think the problem belongs to and click on icon:

The tool will start searching for correction notes

After some time you get a list of notes that are not implemented in your system and that could be related to your issue:

You can click on the note link to read the note:

In our example, note 1279254 solves the issue and after implementing it, the error will disappear and the note will not be displayed anymore.

Customer Code identification

It may happen that the issue is not related to the standard code but to customer code such as Badi implementations, user-exits, field-exits or repaired standard code.

Example for transaction PA30:

Issue: There is a mistake in the Spanish Income TAX percentage calculation for an employee. You were unsuccessful in searching Notes, but there is still a chance that the issue is caused by a mistake on customer's side.

After running transaction PA30 for an employee and displaying infotype 0062 (TAX Spain), you get the list of objects involved in the trace, classified by component (Yellow folders).

Click on icon  

to identify the Customer Code involved:

Double click on the row corresponding to the object you want to display / edit:

E.g. click on the 1st row that corresponds to a user exit:

Double click now on ZXPADU01:

Note Search for Dumps

Another feature of our project is the possibility of searching notes for dumps directly from the dump or trx ST22:

By clicking on the SAP Notes icon, you will get notes related to the dump.

Watch the video in youtube:

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