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Dear community, our Answer-Thon 2021 has already started. Please check this blog by juliarusso for more details. There are badges to win 😉 And there is also "something else" to win...

Reading questions is different from reading a blog. At least that's how I felt while reading some questions from the Business Technology Platform and User Experience area. In my head, reading a blog is like accompanying a "tourist guide" who has a clear destination and explains the sights along the way. The nice thing is: He invites us to accompany him, to share our impressions and to ask our questions.

Reading a question from someone else does something different in my head. It activates the "want to help". It feels a lot more active. Understand the problem. The comparison with your own experiences. The search for the solution. Maybe just a small contribution in the right direction and others can find the solution. Everyone is happy. We have achieved something together. So it's a little bit different from accompanying the "tourist guide". Maybe more like solving puzzles together with friends 🙂 For a good cause!

And there we come to what you can win in addition to the badges: A good feeling to have helped someone directly. Maybe in addition with the good feeling to do that as a team - as a community 🙂

Ok, if you want to get started now, here are all the important details about our Answer-Thon 2021. Don't forget:


"to find and answer questions” is your quest


Have fun, stay healthy and my thanks for participation in advance







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