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Maybe you know the blog post from thomasfiedler Where to hell is the Pretty Printer?

Since 2019 I am wondering where to hell is the Pretty Printer for AMDPs.

The SAP standard Pretty Printer (ABAP Source Code Formatter) does not really format the AMDP source code.

Therefore, I developed in my spare time an AMDP Pretty Printer. It is not an SAP product.

It has the following main features:

  • Write key words upper case and the rest lower case

  • Indent the AMDP (SQL) source code of the class

  • Leave the ABAP part of the class as it is

Here is a short demo:

The AMDP Pretty Printer consists like the SAP ABAP Development Tools of a Rest Service in the SAP Development System that contains the Pretty Printer logic and an Eclipse Plugin that calls the Rest Service and adjust the coding.

You can find it with an installation manual on my github account (MIT license).

It saves me a lot of time during the development of AMDPs and it makes the source code more legible. I'm sure it will help you, too.

I’m looking forward for your feedback.

Best regards

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