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My name is Rudy Clement and I've been working as a SAP NetWeaver developer since 2006. In the very beginning of my carreer I mainly focused on classical ABAP (reporting, module programming etc) and output management in SapScript and Smartforms. Once I was quite confident with that, I started to explore some newer technologies like ABAP-OO, WebDynpro and Adobe Interactive Forms (we're talking 2007-2009 here..).

I've been using ABAP-OO, WebDynpro, Floorplan Manager, Smartforms and Adobe Interactive Forms quite extensivly in my daily work during the past 5 years. Lately, my focus is mainly on HANA, Gateway and SAPUI5.


In the first years of my career I've seen some Eclipse but never really gained some hands-on experience. Currently with HANA Studio and SAPUI5 I'm forced to use it and I have to say I really like it! For me the use of Eclipse was restricted to internal sandbox systems only. But since I'm working for a customer whose system is on a proper kernel release, I'm using Eclipse for my ABAP developments as well. Hell yeah!!

Feature Explorer

To be honest, I didn't know about the Feature Explorer before I noticed the Feature Explorer Mission thanks to my colleague j.custers2. I'm quite amazed about the fact that Eclipse offers this functionality. Most of the features explained in the beginners tour were actually already known to me but I'm looking forward to a new non-beginners tour! My experience is that especially the renaming functionality is quite handy and increases my productivity. One thing I didn't knew is that you can use Quick fix (CTRL+1) to automatically create a method implementation based on a method definition. I always wondered why this functionality was not covered in AiE. Seems it has been there all the time... Thanks Feature Explorer for helping me notice! You ARE helpfull!

Kind regards,