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Some Words about me

My name is Florian and I work at least about four years as an ABAP-Developer.

If you want to learn something about my journey before getting a developer please follow this link:

Blog it forward - Florian Henninger

Experience before AIE Explorer Challenge?

Yes. I developed JAVA before and it was a huge step back to when starting my first steps in ABAP. Since my first days I was always searching for an alternative to SE80. OF course, I got familiar with it over the time, but there was always this feeling, that something is missing.  So out of that, I think I was one of the early adopters, but unfortunately I just got not that much systems available I can work with eclipse at the moment. But as you know, SAP is a bit slower than the rest of the world moving I think I will get also more “real” systems the next few months.

Is the feature Explorer helpful to onboard developers?

Yes, of course. It is a great tool to onboard new developers to AIE. I like the style how it is made and the gamification background. I think it introduce itself to new developers and just for the new ABAP-developers it will fell like a warm welcome to the family feature :smile: .

All in all I knew most of the showed stuff already, but it was also fun again to get a walktrough.

A very cool additional thing would be, to work through the feature explorer without a “real” connection. I’m adding this, because I sometimes use my personal laptop for exploring new things. Of course I’m not having a Logon-Pad installed and not a system available. But that is perhaps a very personal problem of mine, so I just want to have it added.

Also a very cool thing would be to have some statistics implemented. You know, something how often do you use which shortcut, so that you are able to talk with your colleagues and see what features are other using at all.

My favorite feature

is not limited to one. As I wrote in my other blog there are a lot of advantages. But if I have to choose just one, I would say it is the refactoring-function (ALT + SHIFT + M).

If you want to read it, here is the link:

How to get your colleagues into ABAP in Eclipse

I’m looking forward to new features and tours.

I want to pass it to all of the developers in my company. We already did a workshop, so I do not got "I do not know about AIE" developers :wink:



If you want to learn more about AIE Explorer Challenge, have a look at thomasfiedler mission invitation:

Become an ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer and earn the Explorer Badge

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