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Following the Become an ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer and earn the Explorer Badge Challenge, I took a look at the Feature Explorer...

Some missing Features / Issues I see with AiE:

  • Actually working Offline.
    Eclipse is an offline tool. But I cant save my changes without an online connection... Ther should at least be a "local save" variant.
    Maybe something like "sync down" (syncing a whole package to eclipse) or "sync up" (syncing up to the server). Activation would obviously require a "sync up".
    See e.g. SAPUI5 Team Provider...

  • Feature Split between AiE and SAP GUI
    Now we've got several features working ONLY in AiE (e.g. AMDP, CDS -- although both are "jsut plain files") and others working ONLY in SAP GUI (e.g. BSP. So the developer is kind of forced to use BOTH tools...

Some Answers for the Challenge:

Developing in ABAP: The standard way is SAP GUI. I love the "where used" feature. I hate the double-click-to-navigate feature (douple click is commonly used to select a single word for copy/paste)

Developing in Eclipse: I have a strong background developing in Eclipse (mainly, but not only Java). I love the Ctrl-Click-to-navigate feature (and double-click-tio-select)

Currently, I dont see the point of using Eclipse (apart of new ABAP features that are only available through eclipse), because you cant really work offline.

Use case: sync a few packages, work on a programm offline (be it on a train or from outside the intranet without open VPN connection) Once connected, activate and test/debug.

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