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Sometimes, it is required to add some custom menu in the main SAP Menu, as the customer wants to keep some specific reports and transactions in a certain Node. This can be easily achieved via the SAP Area Menu Transaction SE43:-

Transaction SE43 -> Area menu: Z_EXAMPLE

Press “change” and position cursor on the level to add to the area menu:

Press the button “add entry as subnode” or “add entry at same level”

Enter the Text and a transaction (or no transaction if only a folder should be created)

Press  “save”.

Run the Area Menu T-code: Z_EXAMPLE. Here, we can see the area menu called in the SAP MENU.

To integrate Area Menu Z_EXAMPLE with Standard SAP modules, the area menu Z_EXAMPLE Has to be created as a sub-node in the area menu for Standard SAP – ' S000'.

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