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Requirement :  Adding Data to Z table using create Web Service & Link with Third Party SW

Steps :

  • Create Z table ( zpptest1 )
  • Create Remote-Enabled FM
  • Create Web Service
  • SOAMANAGER Configuration

     Create Z table

Create Table with 3 fields,

NUM1 - Value Entered from Third Part SW

NUM2 - Value Entered from Third Part SW

TOT   - Value Calculated from FM and pass it to Table Using Web service and RFC

Create Remote-Enabled FM

SE37---> Go to ---> Function Group --->Create Group ---> Create FM under Functional group.

1. Select "Remote-Enabled Module" in Radio Button as below.

2. Tick on "Pass Value" option for All imports and exports Parameters.

3.  Write Source code  as below.

function zpptest.


*"*"Local Interface:


*"     VALUE(GV_A) TYPE  I

*"     VALUE(GV_B) TYPE  I




   data: gs_save type zpptest1.

   gv_tot = gv_a + gv_b.

   gs_save-num1 = gv_a.

   gs_save-num2 = gv_b.

   gs_save-tot = gv_tot.

   insert zpptest1 from gs_save.

   clear gs_save.


Create Web Service

SE37---> Enter Functional module Name --> Change

utilities --> More Utilities -->Create Web Service --> From the Functional Module

Add service Definition & Description

Enter Functional Module Name , Tick Map Name ,  Click On Continue

Change Profile & Click on Continue..

Click On  Local Object or Assign Request and Click on Continue

Now Web Service is Completely Created

Now go to T-code SE80. There you can see the Web service you have created under you package

name-> enterprise services folder.

SOAMANAGER Configuration


Search From Web Service Name

Double click on Highlighted ( Created Web Service )

Create Service

Fill Related Fields & Click On next to Create Service

Tick on No Authentication & enter User Name with Password

Click on Next

Click on Finish

Now Web Service is Created.

Click on below Icon & get

Thank You

Pramod Pathirana