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It'll be very helpful to left logs at the Processing log when IDoc outbound been triggered for a specific output type. The standard program already takes care of normal process steps even with generated Idoc number.

What if we want to terminate Idoc output processing due to some failed validations? Take sales order's EDI user-exit 'EXIT_SAPLVEDC_004' as an example, we can throw an exception with 'DATA_NOT_RELEVANT_FOR_SENDING'.

But it'll only display 'No data was selected' at the processing log which still hard to understand the reason why.

Here we can use the function ''NAST_PROTOCOL_UPDATE'' to add logs with screen inactive check to prevent message added at display or preview.
  check xscreen = space.
call function 'NAST_PROTOCOL_UPDATE'
msg_arbgb = syst-msgid
msg_nr = syst-msgno
msg_ty = syst-msgty
msg_v1 = syst-msgv1
msg_v2 = syst-msgv2
msg_v3 = syst-msgv3
msg_v4 = syst-msgv4
others = 1.

One place need to pay attention to is: the message ID must be a system message ID instead of customized ID, otherwise will get below C!002 error message.

Just go to table T100 (Messages table) and search by text equal to like '&1 &2 &3 &4', and choose one system message ID from field ARGBG and its message number will do.

  CHECK screen = space.

msg_arbgb = '0D' "syst-msgid
msg_nr = '161' "syst-msgno
msg_ty = 'E' "syst-msgty
msg_v1 = 'Contact Person'"syst-msgv1
msg_v2 = 'missing' "syst-msgv2
msg_v3 = 'feild1' "syst-msgv3
msg_v4 = 'or field2.' "syst-msgv4

Finally, get this clear processing log as below:

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