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hi Friends,

To use Tamil font in SAP.

Step 1: Download Tamil font from this link

Step2: install font in the System font.

Step3: Login to SAP , Go to transaction SE73.

Step4: Install the ZTamil font in Se73.

Step5: Go to T-code: Smart-forms, Create One style using that ZTamil font.

Step6: Create Forms ZTAMIL_TEST.

Step7: In that Main Window , just Create one Text and Type A , B, C , D etc., With the font style used.

Step8: Activate the Smart-form and execute it , Copy that function Module.

Step9: Go to Se38 Create one ZTEST_TAMIL Program.



data: control_parameters type  ssfctrlop,

       output_options type  ssfcompop,

       bin_filesize type i,

       lines like tline occurs 0 with header line,

       job_output_info type ssfcrescl,

       document_output_info type ssfcrespd,

       job_output_options   type ssfcresop.

control_parameters-no_dialog  = 'X'.

control_parameters-getotf     = 'X'.

control_parameters-preview    = 'X'.

control_parameters-device     = 'PRINTER'.

output_options-tddest = 'LOCL'.

call function '/1BCDWB/SF00000201'


    control_parameters         = control_parameters

    output_options             = output_options


       document_output_info = document_output_info

       job_output_info      = job_output_info

       job_output_options   = job_output_options


    formatting_error           = 1

    internal_error             = 2

    send_error                 = 3

    user_canceled              = 4.

call function 'CONVERT_OTF'


     format                = 'PDF'

     max_linewidth         = 132


     bin_filesize          = bin_filesize


     otf                   = job_output_info-otfdata

     lines                 = lines


     err_max_linewidth     = 1

     err_format            = 2

     err_conv_not_possible = 3

     err_bad_otf           = 4

     others                = 5.

call function 'SSFCOMP_PDF_PREVIEW'


     i_otf                    = job_output_info-otfdata


     convert_otf_to_pdf_error = 1

     cntl_error               = 2

     others                   = 3.

Step11: Copy Your functional Module name over there.

Step12: Activate this Program and Execute it.

Note: you can follow like for all fonts , like Telugu, Kannada etc.

Thanks & Regards,

Santha Kumar V

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