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With the activation of ADS Font Trace by referring to Note 1717189, we can get the font processing log following the steps provided by 2216427 - How to generate a PDF with Additional Information - ABAP Scenario.


We can find a few files as attachments in generated PDF file below:

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Render Error Report

The most important one is 'error.pdf'  will be like the below:

It's clear how the font has been replaced and substituted and why special fonts join the Encoding processing.

Trace file with settings and logs

The detailed trace file is 'trace.txt' which we can see the config file using 'custom_xfa.xci'.

pdf tag part:
<m mid="20480" tid="1484274.-222819712" sev="t" d="2022-08-03T01:15:15.124-04:00">Font Arial_Normal_Normal was mapped to Helvetica_Normal_Normal</m>
<m mid="20483" tid="1484274.-222819712" sev="t" d="2022-08-03T01:15:15.126-04:00">Adding font Adobe Thai in encoding UTF-16.</m>
<m mid="20482" tid="1484274.-222819712" sev="t" d="2022-08-03T01:15:15.129-04:00">Character U+006CE8:注 is not found in font Adobe Thai_Normal_Normal, substituted from font Kozuka Mincho Pro-VI R_Normal_Normal.</m></pdf>

Just for your reference, the result of testing various fonts:

Scenarios Error message

Characters not supported by the font set in the form

Character U+006CE8:注 is not found in font Adobe Thai_Normal_Normal, substituted from font Kozuka Mincho Pro-VI R_Normal_Normal.
The font does not exist on the Server Font Adobe Heiti Std R_Bold_Normal was not found, it was degraded to Adobe Heiti Std R_Normal_Normal
Font mapping(Not Arial/Times) Font Adobe Fan Heiti Std B_Normal_Normal was mapped to Adobe Fan Heiti Std B_Bold_Normal
General font mapping(for Arial/Times) Font Arial_Normal_Normal was mapped to Helvetica_Normal_Normal


But still not sure how ADS renders various characters according to Unicode Range using the config file xfa.xci~ I even got no error at logs and weird overlapping for English text only when printing out.

In dreams, I'm standing at top of the mountain and thought I'm clear about the ADS font processing completely, but actually still in the mud with my face~

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