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Over the last 6 months I've been working on a set of custom checks for code inspector, the project is available on github.

Currently it contains the following general purpose checks, some complex and some simple.

CHECK_01 - IF in IF

CHECK_02 - EXIT outside of loop

CHECK_03 - TRY without CATCH

CHECK_04 - Line length

CHECK_05 - 7 bit ASCII

CHECK_06 - Check for use of pretty printer

CHECK_07 - Functional writing style for CALL METHOD

CHECK_08 - Obsolete statement

CHECK_09 - Tab instead of spaces

CHECK_10 - Use icon_ constants

CHECK_11 - Max one statement per line

CHECK_12 - Specify SORT order

CHECK_13 - Sequential blank lines

CHECK_14 - Commented code

CHECK_17 - Definitions in top of routine

CHECK_18 - Empty branch


CHECK_20 - Bad indentation

CHECK_21 - Unused FORM parameter

CHECK_22 - Conditions contain identical code

CHECK_23 - CHECK outside of loop

CHECK_24 - Identical code blocks

CHECK_25 - Selection screen data not referenced statically

CHECK_26 - No direct changes to standard tables

You can configure code inspector or ATC to use these checks in your default variant.

The checks are provided "AS IS", some might not fit your development requirement, and some might be slow or not even work.

This is a box of chocolates; take the ones you like :smile: . Some of the checks contains settings so it is possible to change to fit your requirements.

Feel free to submit pull requests or open issues. More checks will be added over time.

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