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Version control systems (VCS) have become a common standard in software development. With a VCS, you can store changes to source code in different versions, compare different versions with each other, and - if necessary - even restore a specific version in order to resume development based on that version. In addition, a team can work on different versions at the same time.

While ABAP offers a very simple solution for versioning individual ABAP sources, professional VCS offer solutions for managing and versioning entire repositories. Even individual parts of the repository can be branched into seperated versions and then merged again.

A rather new solution, which offers these possibilities also for ABAP, is called abapGit. It was developed and made freely available by Lars Hvam. In order to convey the basics of version control with abapGit, the new community event format abapGit BunKai was recently launched, about which you will learn more in the following sections.

It is our goal to make use of this opportunity and to evaluate how abapGit can be used reasonably in software development with ABAP.

What is abapGit Bunkai?

abapGit BunKai is a new event format that was established by christian.guenter#overviewchristian.drumm#overviewmajcon#overviewsaschajunkert#overview and johannes.konings.haufe#overview. Detailled information can be found under

An abapGit BunKai is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software Version control git by using the opensource client abapGit. This FREE Community-Driven event gives the opportunity to practice git foundations, branching, pull, push request, collaboration with git and best practices by using Version control and related Tools and Frameworks to support Continuous Testing, Continuous Collaboration and related Topics for a whole day. This isn’t a conference! Rules are different, and attendees take actively part in the coding experience: act a lot, listen very little."


Saturday, 25th May 2019
from 9 am to 4 pm

Host Sponsor

FACTUR Billing Solutions GmbH
Lombardenstraße 28
52070 Aachen


This event is for FREE. Including drinks & lunch.


This event will be held in German language.


Your event URL is

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #abapGitBunKai #abapGitBunKaiAC

Organizing Team

This event is organized by damir.majer, christian.drumm and christoph.hermanns.


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