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Dear community,

A little under a year ago, I published a new ADT Plugin called ABAP Tags.

Right after releasing the plugin some colleagues of mine had ideas about some features which they thought would be a great addition to this plugin.

But as the weeks passed, I got sidetracked and other ideas and projects were more interesting and so this project got the short straw 😉

Finally, a month ago I stumbled over my open item list again and today, I finished.

In this post I want to present to you the changed and new features in the plugin.

What is New?

Sometimes you only want to share certain tags with one or several developers - maybe for a code review. Until now you had to create a global tag to do that.

Now you can create a user tag and share that tag and therefore all the tagged objects with other users in the system.

Figure 1: Share Tags


The sharing can be triggered via the context menu. If you have to add more users after a while, you can easily extend the list users who should see your tags by triggering the Share Tags.. action again.

Figure 2: Select Users who should share your tags


If the sharing is no longer needed you can unshare the tag(s) as well (via the context menu).

NOTE: For this feature to work you need to update the abapGit Repo abap-tags-backend

Other new features

  • Show/Hide a filter input control above the tags tree (via changeable shortcut Ctrl+F) to quickly find your tag

  • Trigger a search for tagged objects from the selected tags via the context menu

What changed?

I was not really happy about the chosen names for the following Views:

  • Tag Explorer (Shows/Manages tags of the currently selected ADT object)

  • Tags (Manages all Tags)

so I renamed them to something a bit more suitable (I hope 🙏🏻):

  • Tag Explorer -> Object Tags

  • Tags -> Tag Manager

The search page to search for tagged objects also was renamed from ABAP Tags Search to ABAP Tagged Object Search

Found bugs or have ideas?

If you detect any bugs or have new ideas, please feel free to open an issue on GitHub:

How to use it?

If you are interested in the plugin you can find the the installation link in my previous blog post.


Final Words

I hope you like the new and improved features of the plugin.

Have fun with it 😉

Best regards and stay healthy,