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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Searching within the whole source code repository of the ABAP system was never so easy as it is with the ABAP development tools for Eclipse. With the new version ADT 2.19 which is available since a couple of weeks we offer you a new search console in eclipse. With that feature you can search for arbitrary code snippets and navigate to the related development objects in the editor.  

Feature is only available on AS ABAP Systems >= 7.40 SP05. As we are using the HANA Textsearch engine this feature is only working when HANA is your primary database of your ABAP system.

In this video you will see how you can use the new ABAP Sourcecode Search:

Remark about the memory consumption:

Enabling the ABAP Source Search will cause an increased memory consumption in the respective system. The required full text index will consume at least one but regularly several GBs of additional memory, so ensure that the system can provide the needed space!

Before you start you have to enable your backend system for the feature:

In order to enable the ABAP Source Search, you need to switch on the business function SRIS_SOURCE_SEARCH. To be able to do that, you need activation authorizations in the Switch Framework (authorization object S_SWITCH, activity 07). Open transaction SFW5, expand the ENTERPRISE_BUSINESS_FUNCTIONS node and look for the SRIS_SOURCE_SEARCH business function. Switch on the checkbox in the column 'Planned Status' and press the button "Activate Changes". The activation process will take place in a background job. Please check transaction SM37 for the progress.

The index activation may be finished within seconds, but please be aware, that the indexing takes place asynchronously and may take up to several hours. You can also use report SRIS_CODE_SEARCH_PREPARATION in order to check the status. It also checks another index on the TADIR table which is under normal circumstances updated regularly with the where-used index. If this TADIR index is incomplete, you can schedule an index rebuild also with this report.

Have Fun with the new feature !

Kind Regards,