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Hi all,

After the great feedback, I got from my colleagues and you people I thought to myself, "There is still room for improvement".

So, what is the next step?

Let me start with a fictional conversation between ABAP developers in an office. Just for fun, let us assume further on, that one developer just started to use the ABAP Development Tools (ADT) and he is really happy with it. Another developer, on the other hand, is a seasoned User of ADT and knows all the tricks. The third developer knows ADT is no good and prefers to use the ABAP Workbench (SE80) in SAP GUI.

ADT Newby: "So, last week I was doing a code review on some classes in one of our modules. This week I just wanted to double-check some specific parts. Unfortunately, I only remember some parts of the method's name. The names of the classes are really similar and have many abbreviations, so no help there. What do you suggest?"

ADT Pro: "Unfortunately I do not think there is something like that in ADT."

ADT Newby: "That's too bad. I do not really want to open each class and look for the method."

SE80: "Why don't you just search for the method in SE84?"

ADT Newby: "I never heard of that. What is it?"

SE80: "That's a Transaction. You start it in the SAP GUI" - :

ADT Newby: "Ok, then I guess I..."

ADT Pro: "Wait a second. I think I just found something. Do you know about the Plugin ABAP Search and Analysis Tools?"

ADT Newby: "Yeah, of course. You told me to install it. But how does that help me? It only allows you to search for CDS Views and Database tables."

ADT Pro: "Apparently the latest update supports Class/Interface search as well."

ADT Newby: "Wow, Really? I will try it right now."

A few minutes later...

ADT Newby: "Worked like a charm. I found my class on the first try ?.


I hope it helps you in your daily work, too ☺️.






ABAP Search and Analysis Tools Plugin (Part 1)

P.S.: Please do not forget to update the ADT backend from
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