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SAP TechEd 2013 is around the corner. Are you an ABAP developer and a regular visitor of this forum? Will you be in Las Vegas, Amsterdam or Bangalore this year? Then I like to call your attention to the following (not exhaustive) selection of sessions:

ABAP in general:

If you like to get an overview on recent innovations in the context of ABAP, visit CD101 ABAP 7.4 News (Lecture 1h).

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore


As you probably know, we have invested significantly into ABAP to support applications like SAP Business Suite or SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse to run and fully leverage SAP HANA. During SAP TechEd 2013 you can learn which tools and new language elements we give to ABAP developers as part of ABAP 7.4, you can hear how customers and partners have used these already, and you can even get your hands dirty and use them yourself.

CD201 Application Development Based on ABAP and SAP HANA (Lecture 2h)

In this lecture you get an overview on how to leverage SAP HANA from ABAP applications. The focus is on features planned for ABAP 7.4 (like advanced Open SQL / view building, ABAP-managed database procedures). But you will also learn how to use application function libraries, how to push down the evaluation of business rules, and how to leverage text search.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

CD263 ABAP on SAP HANA - Building an End-to-End App from HANA via ABAP to SAP UI5 (Hands-On 4h)

If you like to use some of the new ABAP 7.4 features to build an end-to-end application, then visit this workshop. You will develop views and database procedures, integrate them into an ABAP application, and build a user interface with SAPUI5.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

CD200 Tune Your Custom ABAP Code – Get Ready for SAP HANA (Lecture 2h)

Do you like to detect potential to improve the performance of your ABAP applications? Do you like to understand the impact of SAP HANA on your custom ABAP code? This lecture explains and demos how to use tools like the ABAP Test Cockpit and the brand new SQL Monitor to tune your ABAP custom code

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

CD262 Tune Your Custom ABAP Code – Get Ready for SAP HANA! (Hands-On 2h)

In case you like to experience the ABAP Test Cockpit and the brand new SQL Monitor yourself, then this workshop is the place to be.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

TEC207 Building Innovative Applications based on ABAP and SAP HANA (Lecture 1h)

This lecture is a co-presentation with different customers and partners, who have used classical and new ABAP capabilities to build innovative applications on SAP HANA. The co-presenters sharing their experience will be from Deloitte (Las Vegas), Flexso NV (Amsterdam) and Wipro Technologies (Bangalore).

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

Other topics:

CD260 ABAP in Eclipse - Develop Like Never Before (Hands-On 2h)

If you are interested in how to use the ABAP development tools in Eclipse to optimize your developer efficiency, then join this workshop. You can spend two hours with the geeks to prepare yourself for the new development environment.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

CD261 Creating Efficient Code Using the Renewed ABAP (Hands-On 2h)

Does this blog look interesting to you? Then join workshop CD261 to learn about new ABAP language features.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

CD160 SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management – A Paradigm Shift (Hands-On 2h)

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management allows central definition and local deployment of business rules without the need to program code. In this session you learn how to define, test and deploy business rules.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

SIS261 Your Way to Secure ABAP Code – Scan, Analyze, and Fix Your Programs (Hands-On 2h)

Have you ever thought about the security of your custom ABAP code? No? Then you might consider to visit this workshop to learn about possible security vulnerabilities and how to fix them. Read horst.keller's blog to get a glimse of what is waiting for you.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore

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