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As much as I love the ABAP developer tools for Eclipse, it still feel a bit clunky compared with modern code editors .

I particularly like Visual Studio Code, so a few months ago I started a project to enable using it to edit ABAP code, and released it as a plugin just before Christmas.

It's currently available in the code marketplace, but is more convenient to just search for it in the editor UI.

I highly recommend to pair it with the ABAP and ABAPLint plugins (although the latter doesn't work for function modules yet). ABAP Snippets is also useful.

It's still in its early stages, and lacks lots of the features currently available in Eclipse, but is capable enough to be useful. I would think twice before using it on production code though.

For now it supports programs, classes and function groups (other object types might work on some platforms) with the following functions:

  • edit

  • create

  • activate

  • search

It can also assign/create transports if needed.

I plan to add functionality for code completion and validation soon, still have to start working on it.