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The ABAP ON HANA Technology provides a great advantage to developers to push down the logic at database level. ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP)  was introduced in Release 7.40, SP05.since its introduction by sap there is huge progress in the development of objects in Hana as well as in ABAP platform.

ABAP ON HANA Technology increases  the performance  with its code to data paradigm and provides the much capabilities at HANA Level .The introduction of  CDS view and AMDP are  major concepts that uses the SQL script capabilities which the database understands.

AMDP with select-options parameters can be done in two Steps:

1.create a class in eclipse using ADT tool and define the interface as IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB. This interface provides special power to the class which we can use SQL script code in the implementation of a Class. In the method implementation use the Apply Filter function on result dataset. Apply Filter function takes two arguments one is string parameters and other parameter is result dataset.

2.Create an ABAP program in ADT Tool  and use the new syntax value operator to convert the select options of AMDP into a string. Use the class CL_SHDB_SELTAB=>COMBINE_SELTABS. The method COMBINE_SELTABS takes two parameters one is name and other parameter is DREF. Fill the method parameters and pass the value while calling the AMDP method in the ABAP program. when the AMDP is called then it creates a procedure at HANA database inside the schema which is mapped to ABAP.

now I will show the steps to create AMDP and calling the AMDP in more practical way:

Here  we are taking VBAK and kna1 tables and displaying customer sale order for a particular country using AMDP .

create the structure and table type in se11 for the above scenario and use this structure in AMDP class.

ABAP structure



Creating a class


click on finish and create the class definition and implementation with the interface and using apply filter function for customer sale details shown as below.

fetching the details of customer in implementation


Now save and activate the class and now create an ABAP program.


creating ABAP program

click on next and give the name of program and click on finish as shown below.


Now pass the select option parameters inside the class CL_SHDB_SELTAB under the method COMBINE_SELTABS  and handle the client as shown below and call the AMDP method and fill the importing and exporting parameters as shown below.


calling AMDP


now save and active and execute the program and give input select options ranges country and sale order as shown below.


giving input values


now we can see the output for country from India to us and sale order number from 1 to 31 ranges.


now go to open perspective in eclipse and select Hana development.

Hana perspective

click on open and connect to database and go to schema which is mapped to ABAP and go to procedure and click on filter option and give AMDP class and method name to check at the database.

procedure gets created

double click on the procedure to see the procedure that created on Hana database when the AMDP is called.




I believe this article helps to learn AMDP  from basic and helps to know how select options passed in AMDP.

Happy learning!

Refer this documentation to know more about AMDP:
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