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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The ABAP Keyword Documentation is a special kind of SAP documentation that you normally see after using F1 in a source code editor of ADT or ABAP Workbench. ABAP Keyword Documentation is system documentation delivered with every AS ABAP, but you can find also copies in SAP Help Portal, where a "latest" version is always the most recent one: ABAP - Keyword Documentation (latest) is the same as ABAP - Keyword Documentation (7.57).

There, you will find the possibility to Mail Feedback now.

After offering that functionality inside SAP for a long time already, we are happy to announce a public mailbox that you can reach directly from the documentation display and where the mail is prefilled with information about the current document:

In upcoming releases, this will be also offered in the backend based F1 help in the ADT and ABAP Workbench versions of the documentation in customer systems.

We invite you now to

  • send us your opinion and comments about general documentation or special topics

  • notify us about typos or other errors

  • point out sections that are not understandable and need clarification

  • send suggestions for hints and examples

  • ...

But please note that this mailbox is neither a discussion forum nor a hotline address for the ABAP languages and tools. Its sole purpose is to improve the ABAP Keyword Documentation and adjust it to your needs. And please, mail responsibly. If we are getting spammed, we might remove the mailbox in no time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The ABAP F1 Help Team