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Mastering SAP is a wrap for 2021, and it was a great experience.  It started for me by attending thomas.jung 's session.

Source: SAP

Where it fits in modern structure, applications

Expand technical knowledge

Look at SAP technologies

As move to S/4HANA

Source: SAP

Andre Fischer is pictured above

15 years ago, the thought was Java was to replace ABAP

Product is still being developed on ABAP platform, which has evolved

Backward compatibility is reason it is not dead

Source: SAP

Programs that ran 25 years ago may still run today (Unicode changes)

Strength and weakness of ABAP ecosystems

Great for customers/partners - invest in intellectual property

Long lifespan

Long stability

Down side, may lead to ABAP developers becoming stagnant

May not bring innovation; look to SAP

Topic of extensibility

Old days focus on bubble on the left

New Z program, class, new ALV, new program within S/4HANA

See opportunity to do extensions in cloud, using BTP, formerly known as SAP Cloud Platform

Opportunity to do extensions in different way, side by side extensions

Find API's to expose from S/4HANA, call separately from S/4HANA

Freedom to upgrade extensions at a faster pace than update S/4HANA

Better security with separation

Better speed to update S/4HANA by keeping core clean

Right side has new topics - data science, process innovation, don't have in ABAP runtime

Event mesh, alternative run times to ABAP, bring innovation from open source world and IT industry, additional tools, standard functionality to broaden technology landscape

Source: SAP

Do not have to abandon ABAP skill set

Can do it in the cloud

Will feel different; need to find the API's

Survive upgrades better

Always on latest version with ABAP in cloud (4 times a year)

On premise gets only 1 release a year

SAP takes care of upgrade in cloud

Tuning, monitoring is taken care of by SAP for you

Source: SAP

Before, Gateway, expose Odata services, annotations in CDS, decoupled from Gateway, different frameworks, provide one new end to end programming model - Fiori apps, do it in a single programming model, used at SAP

Replaced Gateway functionality

Used CDS as definition and model, annotations

Service enablement

Bring latest functionality, draft support, latest Fiori annotation support in single programming model

S/4HANA 1909 has unmanaged model

S/4HANA 2020 - use RAP for new Fiori model and retrofit basic Gateway services to RAP

Coding exits for ABAP logic

Source: SAP

SAPLink, ABAGGit, open up ABAP ecosystem to exchange ideas and innovation

Take ideas of open source of problems being shared by the community

Growing community

ABAP in VS Code, not something SAP does, offering syntax highlighting in VS Code, an example that the community is doing

Check the ABAPGit site, where the community is exchanging ideas and technological solutions

Source: SAP

Whole other technology in addition to ABAP run time

Cloud Foundry, Kyma, allowing multiple languages

Choice of programming models

Other is SAP CAP, similar in scope to RAP, both accomplish many of the same things, using a different underlying technology - node.js or Java - deploy to Cloud Foundry or Kyma Kubernetes

Source: SAP

Above shows a screen shot from SAP TechEd Developer Keynote

Typical development team - long time ABAP developer, brought ABAP skillset

Another developer transitioned to CAPM

Third developer - cloud native developer

Extend sales order process by combining CAPM, Google Go, and ABAP RAP to extend business objects, using Fiori interface, using message bus (BTP Event Mesh, new name) - technology layer

Deployed to ABAP run time, S/4HANA system backend, deployed to Kubernetes (Kyma run time)

Source: SAP

Full lifecycle management

Best practices

Golden path, but not lock into single technology

Plug open sources

Open architecturally

Source: SAP

Full development experience

Similar scope to RAP


I'm glad I was able to attend this session live; it helped put in perspective where ABAP fits.
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