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Do you also keep your ABAP snippets in some kind of ASCII-files using notepad or other editors to look them up? If you want to lookup your ABAP code when you are offline everything is displayed in one color (mainly black).

ABAP in eclipse can not be used to display ABAP code offline, because you are not connected to an ABAP project. That is because the pretty printing is done using the ABAP back end. Only in that way ABAP in eclipse is able to keep track of different ABAP versions.

So I was very happy to find out, that with jEdit - a programmers editor written in java - I can do keyword high lightning as well as folding and indention regarding a statement block.

Everything is controlled by a so called mode. It is a xml file which tells the editor, which are the keywords and how the folding and indention is done. nathan.jones3/profile started with some small configuration. I added the keywords regarding ABAP 7.31 as well as folding and indention.

In the first picture you see a typical jEdit coloring. If you want the ABAP coloring, you have to adjust that manually in the settings, because the color itself can not be controlled by the mode.

Finally you have to edit the catalog file, which connects the file extension with the mode. I have chosen .abap as well as the ABAP in eclipse extension .asinc. You add your own. The abap.xml file you put in the main directory c:/programs/jedit/modes. There you also find the catalog.xml, which you have to edit.

What do you think. Is this useful for you? What are your experience with that solution? Do you know other editors to display/edit ABAP?