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Today I wanted to update my ADT to the latest version supported on:

So currently on 2019-03.


As of some versions before Eclipse is only available as 64bit version. So I need to install the latest "free" JRE Version in 64bitJDK 8u202 i

Finished the installation an extraction of eclipse it started. Nice!

Installed ADT Tools; #ABAPFavorites, #AbapCI

But I could not connect to out SAP Systems using SSO:

System Variable "SNC_LIB_64"  needs to be set to a  secgss.dll that was not existing on my PC.

Solution was Note 2115486. Attachments : 

In this zip is the file: gx64krb5.dll

I places the DLL in a subfolder of my eclipse installation and created the environment variable:

Using this setup I finally could run current eclipse with current ADT tools and SSO to our systems.

Well done after some hours.