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Hi Friends

I am Pawan Akella working SAP OOABAP Webdynpro Consultant having 4yrs of experience in ABAP Development

I came across Eclipse environment, when my friend who is working in BIGDATA as HADOOP Developer told me the features of Eclipse

After listening to me I said WOW the features of Eclipse are Cool

Wish for ABAP also we could have same Editor for development

After few days while I was searching for some document in SDN,I saw this post Getting Started with ADT for ABAP. I dont know that ADT means Eclipse for many days

After some days with curiosity to know what is ADT , I clicked the link and after that I came to know that even SAP has provided ABAP development in ECLIPSE  and ADT is nothing but ECLIPSE

After waiting for a long time finally I got Hands on Eclipse

Now many questions on how to get started, Thanks to ABAP in Eclipse community

I haven gone through so many links like

1) How to create ABAP program in ECLIPSE

2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of ECLIPSE

3) Shortcuts in ECLIPSE

4) How developer life became easy with Eclipse so on

The feature I liked in ECLIPSE is code completion,getting Hints of the syntax and methods of class, ABAP Object Search, Navigation between two Objects, Showing Syntax Errors

What I Liked the most and Why?

1) Code Completion

     It has reduced my burden to remember exact name of the class, Interface or ABAP Keyword

     I type something and press Ctrl + Space it gives me a list related to that word

2) ABAP Object search and Source Code Search

    with CTRL + SHIFT + A a dialog box will open and type the letters of the object which you remember

     even wildcards are allowed .

     the best thing is search is not limited to Reports or classes or interfaces

    it gives everything related to that word

  3) Getting where used list of object is very easy. what to do place the cursor on the class or method or function module

      press ctrl +Shift + G you can see the results at the bottom.

     Navigation between the search results is also easy unlike in ABAP editor or SE80 where after selecting one search result go into the code then come back again to the search result and select another search result

4) Syntax Checks

  This feature is the coolest among all

It shows the error message immediately after completing the sentence what is wrong

Generally we have to wait to see all these messages during Syntax checks in ABAP Editor

this features saves a lot of time to developer

one thing I found difficult or maybe I didn't explore correctly is

when I created a class, I implemented an Interface and that Interface has lot of methods

As we know the Class should implement all the methods of the Interface

I dont know what methods are present in that Interface

Generally in  SE24 when you create a class,inherit a interface in that class we can see all the methods shows up in the methods tab

This is one thing where I thought that SE24 is better than ECLIPSE


Pawan Akella

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